Bullying on the internet is happening more and more, especially with young people and teenagers. Nowadays, with social media and internet messaging big, bullies can easily pick on others secretly online. Handling cyberbullying can be hard, but there are things you can do to face it with courage.

1. Recognize Signs of Cyberbullying

The first thing to do is to spot when someone is being mean on the internet. Cyberbullying includes:

  • Mean or scary messages sent through Facebook, text messages, emails and such.
  • Telling false stories or lies about you on the internet.
  • Pretending to be you online to make fun of you.
  • Sharing personal photos or information about you without permission is a no-no.
  • Cutting you off from online groups, chats, and games on purpose.

If you keep getting purposely mean messages online, it’s probably cyberbullying. Know the signals and don’t ignore them.

2. Avoid Responding Angrily

When you find out someone is bullying you on the internet, it’s normal to feel mad and want to fight back. But when we get mad in a bad way, it usually makes things even more difficult. Don’t reply right away when you feel too much emotion.

Give yourself time to relax before deciding what action to take. React constructively, not destructively. Don’t go low like a bully with insults, threats, or sharing private information about them online. This separates you more and gives the bully what they want.

3. Evidence

Gather proof of the online bullying events. Keep mean messages, pictures of online posts, and photos as proof. This shows that cyberbullying is happening and can help with formal complaints if needed.

But don’t keep a close eye on the bully online too much. This could make you feel even more upset. Get enough proof to show the bullying, then stop.

4. Report Cyberbullying

Most social networks and digital tools have ways to tell about bad content or behavior. Use these to tell about cyberbullying on the right websites. Give copies of proof to back up what you are saying.

Platforms need to look into and get rid of content that breaks their rules. Telling others gives you a chance to battle in the right way. Seek justice, not just revenge.

5. Limit Online Access

Make it harder for cyberbullying by changing settings and limiting who can access it. On social media, stop or block bullies. Get out of bullying chat rooms, online games, or forums.

Minimizing the use of the internet makes it hard to meet bullies. This reduces their ability to hurt you on online platforms. But don’t leave social media and the online world completely because that will only isolate you more.

6. Confide in Trusted Contacts

Don’t suffer alone in silence. Tell trusted people like family and friends, counsellors or religious leaders. Share your feelings when you are being bullied. Love from people close to you can lessen the sadness caused by bullying and remind you of the value inside you.

Adults you can rely on can also help by telling authorities and websites about problems when needed. You have friends that worry – trust in them.

7. Focus on Your Strengths

To get past doubts from bullying, focus on what you’re good at and like. Join in happy activities that grow your skills and make you happy. Spend time with people who like and help the real you.

Bullies go after exactly what makes you special and talented. Understand what you’re good at. This will stop their lies from reaching how you see yourself. You know what the truth is about who you are.

8. Seek Professional Help if Needed

Cyberbullying can cause havoc on your mental health. If you’re feeling very sad, shying away from people around you or wanting to get back at others in a bad way, then you must see a counsellor or therapist.

People who help with mental health give useful support for dealing with distress caused by bullying. In addition, schools advise students dealing with bullying. Seek whatever help you need.

9. Maintain Perspective

As difficult as cyberbullying is, maintain perspective by remembering a few key truths: The bullying shows how bad the doers are, not you. Their mean behaviour shows their weakness, not yours. Over time, you can beat this problem with help and support. Don’t let bullies decide your worth.

Keep strong and keep being yourself, no matter what they do. If you keep a clear view, their attempts to quiet or push you aside will ultimately not succeed.


By knowing what cyberbullying is, acting helpfully, gathering proof and sharing your problems with others while also concentrating on your strong points, you can deal with bad people on the internet bravely. Do not submit to them. Get up for yourself and do the right thing. With bravery and determination, you will beat cyberbullying.